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Facilitating Networking and Information Sharing amongst Pharmaceutical and MedComms, Medical Communications, Medical Education and Medical Publishing Specialists

This global initiative facilitates networking and dialogue amongst individuals working in and around the pharmaceutical industry and MedComms, focusing on specialist medical education, medical communications and medical publishing activities.
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    WHAT'S HAPPENING - [view previous events]

    Please note I am re-positioning MedComms Networking as an over-arching global community and more clearly aligning our various services for MedComms underneath. Step one involves a transition to (note the .com) as the central resource. This move, though, has a whole host of consequences and it will take a while to work through them all and make everything tidy.

    I'll keep you informed along the way and hopefully we'll all come out stronger for it. I'm always happy to chat and all feedback is welcome, so give me a shout anytime or please post your thoughts to the MedComms Networking Linkedin group for discussion.

    Scroll down to see details of activities that are planned for the coming months.

    Meantime, you can see reports of all the previous meetings here.


    Peter Llewellyn

    Informal freelancers' get-together

    Venue: Maidstone, Kent
    Date: 4 March 2015

    The MedComms Freelancers around the Kent area are now meeting regularly for informal discussions and welcome new participants.

    [For more information contact local organiser, Jane Tricker]

    Sponsors' meeting - MedComms today, tomorrow and the day after

    Venue: Oxford, UK
    Date: 9 March 2015

    Now we have a good number of corporate Sponsors (more are welcome!) we will convene our first meeting to discuss the ways in which MedComms is evolving and the challenges ahead. It should prove to be a fascinating and wide-ranging discussion, and also give us the opportunity to reflect upon and assess the place of MedComms Networking activities in supporting the global MedComms community and what more might be done in the future.


    Freelancers' workshop: Making a success of freelancing in MedComms

    Venue: Oxford, UK
    Date: 19 March 2015

    This is our 5th such workshop for MedComms freelancers. Anyone who provides freelance services in MedComms is welcome, whether your services are medical writing, editing, proof reading, account management, publications management, design and production, multimedia direction, strategic counsel and so on.

    These workshops are aimed at helping you maximise the opportunity for your business through education and networking. Share your experiences with other freelancers and embrace the opportunity to learn from each other, and also meet the freelance commissioners from the agencies.

    This event will focus on marketing your services and specifically will review social media and digital opportunities to maximise your business effectiveness, whoever as always the discussion will range far and wide.

    Note this next event is free of charge and in part is intended to serve as an opportunity to discuss future development of this initiative.


    Lunch and Learn: Delivering on the promise of Digital

    Venue: Oxford Science Park, UK
    Date: 23 April 2015

    This will be the second in our Lunch and Learn series of events, the objective being for a small group to meet informally for open discussion around a specialist topic of interest, and along the way to stimulate ideas for larger open events. We're going to run a series of these workshops focusing on embracing digital solutions with an emphasis on practical case histories to explore how intelligent commissioning and delivery of projects can be cost-effective and successfully meet intended communications needs. The plan is for each workshop to inform the agenda of the next one, as we explore specific solutions and technologies that might have a place in MedComms programmes.

    Each workshop will be led by James Harper, Founding Director of 28b, the only digital development company working exclusively with pharmaceutical communications and marketing agencies to help them win, develop, implement and manage their clients digital business.

    Please note the plan is for a maximum 20 participants and we will restrict attendance to a maximum of two individuals per agency.

    This event is free of charge to attend, thanks to the generosity of the corporate sponsors.


    Careers Insight Workshop with Oxford University - Medical Writing in MedComms

    Venue: Oxford, UK
    Date: 18-19 May 2015

    This will be the eigth time we've run this annual 2-day workshop with funding from Oxford University and the support of several leading MedComms agencies. Delegates with a genuine interest in joining the MedComms industry hear from a superb line up of speakers about the pharmaceutical industry, the role of MedComms agencies and the specifics about working as a medical writer and some of the activities they would expect to undertake. We are able to highlight related writing roles as well as other roles within the agencies such as Account Management.


    An update: Publications Guidelines in Practice

    Venue: Alderley Park, UK
    Date: 3 June 2015

    A big thanks to AstraZeneca who will host this lunch and afternoon event. We expect a large number of attendees to gather together for what should be a very timely review of recent publications guidelines and their practical implementation. Attendance will be free of charge.


    A Day in the Life of MedComms

    Venue: Global!
    Date: 10 June 2015

    This will be year 4 and it's never too early to start planning so let's get our next date in the diary to work around. Please send me your thoughts, ideas, offers of support and so on. And once again let's make it bigger better and even bolder!


    Lunchtime Careers Event - an Introduction to MedComms

    Venue: University of Westminster, London, UK
    Date: 1 July 2015

    This will be the sixth time we have run this event in London. Once again we will have an enthusiastic audience of post-docs and DPhil/PhD students and others from the biomedical sciences departments within and around London and from other Universities, to meet with a number of medical communications professionals for a highly engaging session which presented medical writing and account management in MedComms as attractive career options.


    5th Annual MedComms Rounders Tournament and Family Fun Day

    Venue: Alderley Park, UK
    Date: 12 July 2015

    This will be another great day's sporting action. Eight teams will be hotly competing for the trophy with support from large numbers of friends and family. Once again we'll ensure the little (and not so little) people enjoy the day with free entertainment including balloon sculptures, face painting, bouncy castles and a BBQ.


    Adelphi Communications
    Ashfield Healthcare Communications
    Bioscript Group
    Fishawack Group
    inScience Communications
    McCann Complete Medical
    Siyemi Learning
    The Prime Medical Group

    Join us!

    [To enter a team contact local organiser, Ryan Woodrow]



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